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Sport: why choose a LAURALU building?

Do you want to quickly deploy a sports building or cover an existing sports field? Whatever your sport or leisure facility requirements, LAURALU can provide the perfect solution. A great alternative to costly, long-winded sports hall construction projects.

  • Our construction process is 4 times faster and 2 times cheaper than traditional construction 
  • We can offer you a bespoke solution to fit your detailed needs with rent and buy options available
  • Our structures are fully insulated with a Thermo Roof System thereby preventing condensation. They offer full temperature control.
  • The translucent roof allows in natural light, therefore, reducing running costs during the day.

Your need

There are 4 great ways a temporary sports or leisure facility might be an option: 

  1. You need more space and do not have the budget for a permanent build.
  2. Your gym is being refurbished and you need a temporary space.
  3. You are looking to cover an existing basketball or tennis court, bowls green or outdoor swimming pool.
  4. You are looking to introduce a new service into the area and want a temporary option while you scope out feasibility with plans to convert to a permanent fixture once plans take off.

Sports Hall

Let us design and build the perfect temporary to semi-permanent sports hall solution for you, including heating, lighting, heavy duty flooring systems, PA systems and much more…

Swimming pool

Yes! You can house swimming pools in our temporary buildings. Our team of experts can design you a unique solution that will deliver on aesthetics and functionality…

Padel court

From a covered court with open or partially open sides to a fully enclosed Padel Tennis venue, we have the options to suit your individual needs…

Our temporary buildings

Lauralu are not resellers; all of our high-quality temporary buildings and canopies are designed and manufactured in our own factory. This means that we are able to deliver a consistently high-quality product at competitive manufacturer’s prices. We are the only European temporary building company to have complete control over the supply chain.

We have a network of highly trained and experienced installers across the UK and Europe. They are capable of working within tight deadlines, whilst satisfying all relevant health and safety regulations.

We are known for fast turn-key temporary building and canopy solutions that are installed on deadline, in budget and to our customers exact specification. That is why we are the UK’s fastest growing temporary building supplier.




3 cost effective options for you


A real service in the form of a monthly subscription, our operational rental solution (from 2 to 120 months) offers you great flexibility in the variability of your financial charges (OPEX). You control your costs and you preserve your investment capacity.


By purchasing a modular, transferable and reusable building, you enhance your property without any constraints. 

You invest in flexible technology (Capital Expenditure), available on your site at manufacturer prices.


Thanks to our financial partners, we offer you financial rental solutions adapted to your financial challenges.

You capitalise on your rents and you vary your property charges.


Contact us at Lauralu for more information or advice regarding temporary buildings.

We can provide you with a free fast estimate or advice on temporary buildings.

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