indoor semi-permanent building for Leisure Facilities
Whatever your Leisure Facility requirements, Lauralu UK Ltd can provide the perfect solution. A great alternative to costly, long-winded sports hall construction projects. There are four great ways a temporary sports or leisure facility might be an option:
  1. You need more space and do not have the budget for a permanent build.
  2. Your gym is being refurbished and you need a temporary space to satisfy your customers while the work takes place.
  3. You are looking to cover an existing basketball or tennis court, bowls green or outdoor swimming pool.
  4. You are looking to introduce a new service into the area and want a temporary option while you scope out feasibility with plans to convert to a permanent fixture ones plans take off.
We can offer you a bespoke solution to fit your detailed needs with rent and buy options available.Our structures are fully insulated due to a Thermo Roof System thereby preventing condensation. They offer full temperature control.  As it’s translucent it allows in natural light, therefore, reducing running costs during the day. We offer a multitude of options as we know not every leisure facility or budget is the same:

  • Sports Floor

Let us help you find the perfect flooring to meet your sports requirements. We can lay attractive sprung beech or oak flooring. Or we can lay a functional heavy duty polypropylene flooring system. Whatever you choose we will ensure it suits your needs and budget.

  • Heating and Cooling

We offer heating and cooling systems. These will help you manage the optimum temperature for whatever activity you want to use your building for. It also means you can heat or cool it consistently throughout the year as seasons change.

  • Lighting

A range of lighting is available from state of the art LED to standard low-cost fittings – all offered with protection – so that stray ball won’t be a problem.

  • Doors

All our leisure facility buildings come with a range of door options. They include single fire doors, personnel doors or double doors with a range of colour and glazing options. There will be something attractive or functional available for you in addition to meeting your budget.

  • Line Marking

Whatever and whichever sport you are going to use your area for we are able to line mark to your requirements which provides you with a totally multicultural space. Badminton, Basketball, Five-a-Side, Netball – any combination designed to suit your needs.

  • PA System

Our PA Systems are available for a range of options, from Zumba to Cross Fit, they are there for when you need to be heard.

  • Temporary changing rooms and equipment storage facilities

If you need changing facilities and storage areas we can offer portable cabins sited adjacent to your facility for ease of access. They may sound crude but they can be designed with a strong finish so they will give your clients and customers a modern and fresh appearance that is fit for purpose in every way.

  • Alarms

We can offer full fire and security alarm systems as required within our structures. Contact us for a free estimate or site visit – then we can offer you the facility that perfectly meets your needs, whether you want to rent or purchase. Sometimes clients opt for a cost-effective solution over high sports hall construction quotes and feel the end product matches the brief identically.

Whether you are sourcing a building for a temporary swimming pool or are weighing up your sports construction options then we are definitely worth a call. Talk to us and we will discuss budgets, requirements and give you an exact plan as to how we can deliver what you need on a tight deadline.