Over the past few decades, we’ve perfected a modular construction process that’s fast, efficient, cost-effective, and suitable for a hugely diverse range of sites, sectors, and applications.

blueprint of the aspects of a temporary building

Modular Construction Process

Every aspect of our modular structures can be adapted to suit your specific needs. As they can be secured to the ground using steel piles anchors, or anchor bolts, they can be constructed on almost any surface, with no need for any preliminary groundwork. Furthermore, as the roof is made from flexible PVC membrane, they can even be built on uneven or sloping surfaces.

Our modular structures offer total protection from the elements. They are completely waterproof, have a European standard M2 fire resistance rating, and are fitted with an advanced anti-condensation system. Optional extras include: A smoke extraction system, industrial lighting, safety lighting, security cameras, and such environmental solutions as heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and dehumidification systems.

We can have a fully functional modular structure designed, delivered, and installed anywhere in the UK in as little as a week.

With our temporary structures, your business can:

  • Protect stocks of materials, foodstuffs, or finished products
  • Quickly add to or expand your existing operations
  • Provide additional warehouse or storage space
  • Continue operations with minimal disruption in the event of an accident or emergency
  • Expand in response to seasonal fluctuations or surges in business
  • Relocate operations during periods of refit or refurbishment
  • Operate a new internal logistics platform
  • Maximise productivity of unused areas of land
  • Save unnecessary off-site rental

Our modular structures are available to buy or to rent. We offer a choice of three flexible financial options. ‘FLEXI-HIRE’ is the ideal rental option for short and medium term projects ranging from six to 48 months. ‘FLEXI-LEASE’ is a finance leasing plan with our trusted financial partners. ‘FLEXI-BUY’ enables you to purchase the structure whilst benefiting from our competitive manufacturer’s rates.

Get in touch and one of our commercial engineers will be happy to discuss your requirements. If you are happy with the proposal, we can design the perfect modular structure for you. For more information, call us on 020 7092 6680 or +44(0) 182 721 5217, you can also email: [email protected].