Rapidly increase your storage and warehouse capacity

Warehouse & Storage Semi-Permanent and Temporary Buildings

Installed and operational from as little as three weeks, anywhere in the UK, our temporary warehouse and storage buildings will allow businesses to:

  • Provide additional warehouse or storage capacity
  • Protect stocks of materials, foodstuffs or finished products
  • Maximise productivity of unused areas and land
  • Continue operations with minimal disruption in the event of an accident or emergency
  • Rationalise and organise the amalgamation of activities on a site
  • Re-locate operations during periods of refit or refurbishment
  • Expand in response to surges in business or seasonal fluctuations




Semi – permanent solution

Whilst we may refer to our building solution as a ‘temporary building’ really, they are so much more than that. They are constructed to meet full European and UK building regulations making them a great semi-permanent to even permanent solution.

Our construction process is 4 times faster and 2 times cheaper than traditional construction, they can be constructed on any ground surface without the need for footings or foundations making them ideal for businesses that need a rapid solution to warehousing needs. We can construct on uneven or sloping ground thanks to the flexible frame and roof systems.

Because of their modular construction the semi-permanent buildings can be demounted and moved with ease.

We are all too aware of inflated construction prices stemming from Brexit and Covid-19 and our aluminium framed buildings really do present the best solution for fast and cost-effective additional space compared to a traditional brick or steel construction.

3 cost effective options for you


A real service in the form of a monthly subscription, our operational rental solution (from 2 to 120 months) offers you great flexibility in the variability of your financial charges (OPEX). You control your costs and you preserve your investment capacity.


By purchasing a modular, transferable and reusable building, you enhance your property without any constraints. 

You invest in flexible technology (Capital Expenditure), available on your site at manufacturer prices.


Thanks to our financial partners, we offer you financial rental solutions adapted to your financial challenges.

You capitalise on your rents and you vary your property charges.


Contact us at Lauralu for more information or advice regarding temporary buildings.

We can provide you with a free fast estimate or advice on temporary buildings.

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