How Flexible Are Temporary Warehouse, Workshop & Industrial Buildings?

Demountable buildings offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for industrial buildings, warehouses and workshops, but although their popularity is growing fast they’re definitely still the new kids on the block. If you haven’t yet heard of demountable buildings, just picture flat pack on a colossal scale – handily assembled by the company who provides it. The […]

What Makes a Great Educational Building On a Budget?

With pupil places in crisis and school budgets being squeezed harder than ever, the question of how to create educational buildings which are both well-equipped and financially viable has never been more relevant. The logistics of educational building construction can often be challenging with work scheduled for outside of term time. Being fit for purpose […]

Fears Increase As Hard Brexit More Likely

MPs have failed to agree on any of the eight Brexit options proposed to them. That really means that parliament cannot agree on anything so there is not a majority to get any deal through parliament. That puts Britain in very uncertain waters. Here are the questions we think are at the heart of our nation’s fears right now:

Demountable Buildings – The Future for Sports Facilities in Education

Playtime is Crucial for a Child’s Development

It has been almost 10 years since UK Schools and Further Education Colleges had any substantial government funding, money is spread thinly to ensure that all aspects of day-to-day running are effective, “while the UK government runs down schools, other countries pour money into theirs” (source).



Brexit: Is Stock-Building Our Only Solution?

What will Brexit mean for British Trade? This is at the core of the agreement with the EU. The trade-off is between speed and scope. The UK has held a long-term intimate relationship with Europe so although there is precedence with Canada and Iceland in the past, their situations do not match Britains. A more […]

Lauralu UK Ltd’s Brexit Commitment

Only this week Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England stated that Brexit has created a “high level of uncertainty and companies are holding back on making big decisions.” As such, he said it was “vital for the UK economy to secure a good withdrawal deal and a smooth transition.” “A no-deal would be […]

What Are Demountable Buildings?

If you are not familiar with the concept of the ‘demountable building’ and are wondering what exactly they are, then picture a giant-sized flat pack with the advantage of relatively little assembly. Demountable industrial buildings are, in many ways, very similar to the traditional household flat packs that so many of us are used to. […]

How is Your Building Disaster Recovery Plan Looking?

You might think that if the worst should happen, your business would be able to weather the storm. After all building disaster recovery plans sound a little like one of those things that only businesses at risk from significant natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods should consider, but these plans are an incredibly important […]

Why Choose Lauralu UK Ltd?

It does not matter what type of supplier you are looking for and what kind of industry they are involved in, making the right decision on who you choose can have significant implications for your company in the long run. It is important to know that you can trust the company you have chosen to […]