Only this week Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England stated that Brexit has created a “high level of uncertainty and companies are holding back on making big decisions.”

As such, he said it was “vital for the UK economy to secure a good withdrawal deal and a smooth transition.”

“A no-deal would be an economic shock for this country and this would send a signal globally about re-founding globalisation. That would be unfortunate.”

Are you one of those businesses beset by uncertainty?

Are you a business that is unsure whether to expand further in the UK ahead of Brexit? Do you need to make contingency plans for the coming months, (hopefully not years), to secure the future of your business? Do you need additional space to ‘stockpile’ raw materials in case Brexit disrupts the supply chain? Do you need additional storage for finished goods so that customers are not let down should production be affected?

Whatever the reason Lauralu UK’s range of temporary buildings could have the answer and we will give your business the flexibility and responsiveness it needs to weather the Brexit effect.

Our modular building solutions are installed in a matter of days and generally as they need no foundations they are cost effective, proving far less costly than traditionally constructed buildings. The buildings are available to purchase, but most importantly in such uncertain times, they are also available to rent. A standard building can be rented from as little as £3m2 pcm and for any period from 6 months to 6 years!!

Our ‘Temporary Building Brexit Clause’ means you have the reassurance, should the worse-case scenario happen to your business after Brexit, that for any hire contracts you have with us you can simply off-hire and return it to us.

Alex Robertson, Managing Director of Lauralu UK Ltd says: “Having the extra space within the UK will allow further storage, manufacturing or even loading and unloading areas. Lauralu UK is able to offer temporary or permanent industrial buildings to businesses for them to either rent or buy. With the uncertainty of Brexit we can offer a unique Temporary Building Brexit Clause’, meaning businesses can have a built-in safety net if things did unfortunately take a turn for the worse”

Lauralu UK Ltd has a highly experienced team in place who have been in the industry for many years and are here to help, contact us on

01827 215 217 to find out more.