At Lauralu we have worked with countless logistic and transport companies across Europe.

loading bay canopy in operation for a client
Loading Bay Canopies are a regular request here at Lauralu. We have worked with countless logistic and transport companies across Europe so we have a wealth of experience helping with the constant demands of this sector.
No matter where you go, logistics managers are faced with the same challenges – there’s never enough room and there’s never enough time or money to properly expand. A loading bay canopy is a popular enquiry and a solution we frequently recommend to clients with tight budgets and deadlines. 

With our flexible loading space solutions we provide businesses in the logistics and transport industries with a means of expanding their operations without having to invest in costly offsite facilities. A loading bay canopy quickly gives you the extra infrastructure to deal with busy periods, seasonal demands or a medium-term solution for expansion.

We can help companies to increase the speed and efficiency of their service with ease and we have an extensive choice of temporary and permanent solutions available to rent or buy.

Lauralu will design, deliver, install and have your temporary loading bay fully operational in as little as 3 weeks. We will construct on any ground surface with the use of various types of mechanical fixings, therefore, doing away with the need for footings or foundations.

Our canopies are perfect for short or long term applications, for periods that span from 3 months to five years.

Long Term Loading Bay Canopy

With frames guaranteed for 10 years, our logistics solutions offer a long term solution.

Our permanent loading bay structures provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional logistical buildings. An ideal choice for those who want to quickly expand their operations without breaking the bank. They have a much lower capital cost and a much shorter construction timescale than traditional steel or brick structures.

Whatever your requirements we offer a range of flexible payment options. Spread the cost of your investment in the way that suits you best.

For more information on our Loading Bay Solutions call +44(0) 207 092 6680 or +44(0) 182 721 5217, and receive your estimate within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can email us on [email protected] or request a call back.