At Lauralu Industries, we commit to helping retail businesses quickly expand their storage capacity without having to resort to renting or buying costly off-site facilities. We provide cost-effective temporary storage solutions for large franchises, multiple branch stores, single store retailers and quickly expanding start-ups. 
Our retail focused structures are a hugely cost-effective solution for retail businesses of all sizes. In a matter of days, we can design and build temporary buildings based on space and storage requirements. Thanks to our advanced modular construction technology we can make sure our temporary storage solutions meet your particular need within the retail sector. We specialise in providing modular and bespoke fully operational structures within a very short time-frame. With no foundation requirements, and all components pre-made offsite, we can plan, deliver, and assemble quickly.  Consequently, we can have your solution fully operational in as little as 7 days from our arrival on site.

Adaptable Modular Storage Spaces

lorry pulling out of a temporary warehouse

Here at Lauralu, we have a team of highly skilled engineers and a wealth of experience and resources. This means that we can help you with even the largest and most complex of buildings in budget and on schedule.

We have storage solutions available in a range of sizes, we can also dismantle and relocate with ease. And if you require additional space we can add on additional areas due to our modular technology so warehouse extensions are simple and cost-effective moving forwards. We can always adapt our storage buildings to suit your changing needs.

Lauralu offers perfect rental opportunities from six months to five years which is ideal for the fast-paced retail world.

manufacturing workshop solutions showing neatly stored stock

Whether you are looking to hire a temporary space or invest in a more permanent solution, we offer a range of flexible options that will enable you to spread the cost of your payment in the way that suits you best.

For more information on our temporary storage solutions please get in touch, give us a call on 0207 092 6680

Lauralu can give you an estimate and arrange a site visit within 24 hours. Within 6 weeks you could be stood admiring your new canopy.

Alternatively, customers can contact us at [email protected].

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