At Lauralu we offer an extensive range of temporary garage solutions available for rapid delivery to private, industrial, and commercial sites across the UK and Ireland.

Temporary Garages for construction by Lauralu

At Lauralu we offer an extensive range of solutions for Temporary garages. We offer rapid delivery to private, industrial, and commercial sites across the UK and Ireland.
We can assemble our temporary garages in no time at all, which means that we can provide you with a safe and reliable storage solution in a matter of days.Our temporary garages are constructed from either insulated or non-insulated steel cladding with a flame retardant PVC roof. Fully waterproof, so they offer total protection from the elements. They are available in a range of sizes, they can be use to house vehicles of all sizes, including cars, boats, campervans, and other recreational vehicles. We can even use to provide a safe and secure temporary storage for agricultural, industrial, or recreational equipment.Flexible construction technology means that our temporary garages can fit into even the tightest of spaces, furthermore we can join multiple garages end to end to create a tunnel effect. Our temporary garages provide excellent short term vehicle or equipment storage solutions for private, industrial, or commercial use. In addition we can provide additional internal flooring to provide extra protection and integrity for applications that are likely to get seriously wet, or seriously muddy.

Permanent Solution

If you need a more secure or a more permanent solution, we can also provide bespoke garages.  Consequently these can be fitted with advanced security features, and they can be built to considerably larger sizes. So even if you need a quick storage solution for a HGV, a helicopter, or a plane, we can design and build a high quality temporary structure for you.

Whether you are looking to hire a garage on a temporary basis, or buy a more permanent solution, we offer a range of flexible payment options that will enable you to spread the cost of your investment in the way that suits you best.

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