Lauralu temporary buildings are made from hardwearing textiles and high quality metals and, depending on the application, come in insulated or non-insulated cladding options.

Industrial Canopy Pioneers

At Lauralu we specialise in constructing functional, safe, and cost-effective temporary industrial canopies and outdoor shelters to businesses in the competitive, cost-driven logistics and transport industries. ​

Our canopies are suitable for an almost limitless range of applications. Particularly useful for the loading and unloading of vehicles or as packaging and assembling facilities. Other uses include processing and dispatching goods, scanning tunnels and security checkpoints. All our components are premade in our own factories and have no foundation requirements. Let us plan, deliver and assemble so you are fully operational within days. We can construct to suit almost any application, from small storage structures to even aeroplane hangars. We can link temporary industrial canopies at gutter level, creating facilities large enough for your entire fleet.

A temporary industrial canopy can link to your existing building and we can install lighting allowing use around the clock. Just tell us your needs, and we will tailor a bespoke canopy to your unique business requirements. However, should your requirements ever change, our canopies dismantle and relocate with ease.

Fast Installation

We are the only manufacturer of Temporary Canopies, Shelters and Temporary Buildings to control the whole supply chain.

Nationwide Coverage

We provide our services all over the UK. Successful installs nationwide.

Fantastic Customer Service

Our leasing and buying options are flexible, so you can tailor your project to suit you.

Bespoke Transport & Logistics Solutions

We offer a range of standard industrtial canopy solutions available for rapid installation but we also design and deliver completely bespoke canopies. With the opportunity to specify absolutely every aspect of your design, there’s really no limit to the solutions we can provide.

In terms of walling, you can leave unclad or choose from perforated, vented or solid steel cladding.

We will install in as little as two days over a weekend, if required, to help minimise disruption to your operation. Our canopies are available on a 6 to 60 month rental period and with an adaptable contract duration you can spread the costs in the way that suits you best.

Industrial Canopies for Sale

If you require a long-term solution for your logistical requirements, we can design and install a permanent canopy. While we always have a range of standard solutions available for rapid installation, we can also design, deliver, and build a canopy that’s completely tailored to your needs.

To find out how our solutions can help your logistics and transport business Call us on 01827 215 217

We will be happy to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can email us on [email protected]