white temporary structure with two roller doors for lorries. Example of a temporary warehouse building hire

Are you looking for a temporary storage building or a quick solution to extend an existing facility? Quick expansion needs and constraints on space can be a logistical nightmare. Our temporary warehouses & extensions are a cost-effective route to more space without a large development project to manage and pay for.

At Lauralu, we have gone to great lengths to develop a modular building system, enabling businesses in all sectors to grow their operations. Warehouse buildings can be added to your current premises with relative ease provided you have the ground space.

Our industrial storage warehouses provide you with a convenient and cost-effective means of developing your previously unused land. We can adapt this space to suit the requirements of a range of industrial applications. Our dedicated network of supply centres, consultants, and engineers, coupled with our extensive fleet, means that we can assemble even the largest of industrial canopies in as little as 14 days. That is two weeks to grow your infrastructure to meet with the new demands upon it!

We have developed high quality industrial and commercial warehouses for power stations, factories, quarries, oil refineries, retail franchises, and utility companies across Europe.

Bonded Warehouse

We have seen increased interest in bonded warehouses down to the pressures of stockpiling ahead of the official Brexit date. Ports, Airports and Logistic Hubs all have pressure on them to store more stock securely and inline with HMRC’s requirements. Our high quality, professionally installed temporary to semi -permanent buildings provide the ideal temporary bonded warehouse to help you meet demand whilst there is a surge in the market. Full security systems can be installed.

Could a Warehouse Extension Solution Help?

If your business is growing, or a recent contract win is putting pressure on your existing warehouse facility, the answer could be our Warehouse Extension Solutions.

Lauralu UK has developed the ideal solution, its quick to install and does not cost the earth. The warehouse extension can be linked to your current warehouses. We can increase or decrease the ‘temporary addition’ as the business needs change. Our bespoke solutions create flexibility for your business and allow an immediate response to changes in the market.

The structures, from our DuraStock range, have several advantages over standard temporary industrial buildings. These include larger frame profiles and solid gables as against PVC sheeting. All of our structures are new and manufactured to order in our own factory. Our frames carry a 10 year guarantee and come with an annual maintenance package. Demountable, relocatable and long-lasting these structures offer a cost effective, fast and flexible alternative to a permanent traditional build.

We will either link the buildings to your existing facility to create a seamless addition to your warehouse or can link standalone via a roller shutter door.

We have a tried and tested, watertight solution to link their temporary buildings to your existing warehouse, allowing you to keep operations streamlined under one roof. Our structures go up quickly to avoid interfering with daily operations and we can offer a flexible installation over down times, weekends, or shutdowns.

How Does Ordering A Temporary Storage Building Work?

We have made our leasing and buying options flexible to meet your individual needs, allowing you to spread your costs in a way that suits you best.

Warehouses for Hire

Our highly experienced teams have been in the industry many years, they can design and install your temporary warehousing solutions onsite within 14 days from order, regardless of the size of your storage requirements. Our temporary buildings are available to hire from six months to five years. In addition, you can spread the costs in a way that suits you best with our totally adaptable contract duration.