Could our warehouse extensions help your business?

Lauralu UK has developed the ideal solution, its quick to install and does not cost the earth. The warehouse extension can be linked to your current warehouses. We can increase or decrease the ‘temporary addition’ as the business needs change. Our bespoke solutions create flexibility for your business and allow an immediate response to changes in the market.

Our unique gutter linked system and ground fixings prevent water ingress and allow you to seamlessly link a temporary building to the buildings on your own site, keeping operations streamlined.

popular temporary building type - a full working warehouse

Our temporary buildings can be specified with the same features as your other buildings with roller shutter doors, pedestrian doors as well as:

  • A smoke extraction system
  • industrial lighting
  • safety lighting
  • security cameras
  • such environmental solutions as heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and de-humidification systems.

With a Lauralu building extension your business can:

  • Protect stocks of materials, foodstuffs, or finished products
  • Quickly add to or expand your existing operations
  • Provide additional warehouse or storage space
  • Continue operations with minimal disruption in the event of an accident or emergency
  • Expand in response to seasonal fluctuations or surges in business
  • Operate a new internal logistics platform
  • Maximise the productivity of unused areas of land
  • Save unnecessary off-site rental

Our temporary buildings are available to buy or to rent

No two buildings are the same and Lauralu prides themselves on hitting the brief precisely. What you get from temporary buildings is more flexibility, a budget that will suit your needs, a deadline that isn’t months away and a very quick turnaround once that date is decided.

We offer a choice of three flexible financial options. ‘FLEXI-HIRE’ is the ideal rental option for short and medium term projects ranging from three to 48 months. ‘FLEXI-LEASE’ is a finance leasing plan with our trusted financial partners. ‘FLEXI-BUY’ enables you to purchase the structure whilst benefiting from our competitive manufacturer’s rates.

We are a Gold Accredited Construction line member and also a Registered Safe Contractor.

Get in touch and one of our temporary building experts who will be happy to discuss your requirements. If you are happy with the proposal, we can design the perfect modular structure for you.