Installed and operational from as little as 14 days, anywhere in the UK, our warehouse & storage temporary buildings will allow your business to:

Protect stocks of materials, foodstuffs or finished products
• Add or extend a production facility, maintenance workshop, etc.
• Operate a new internal logistics platform
• Cover a machine maintenance or assembly area
• Provide additional warehouse or storage capacity
• Maximise productivity of unused areas and land
• Continue operations with minimal disruption in the event of an accident or emergency
• Rationalise and organise the amalgamation of activities on a site
• Re-locate operations during periods of refit or refurbishment
• Expand in response to surges in business or seasonal fluctuations

Modular Structure Construction Process

Over the past few decades, we’ve perfected our building kit, or what we call, our modular construction process that’s fast, efficient, cost-effective, and suitable for a hugely diverse range of sites, sectors, and applications.

Building Kit – Modular Construction Process

Every aspect of our modular structures can be adapted to suit your specific needs. We offer customised building design, build and implementation. As they can be secured to the ground using steel piles anchors, or anchor bolts, they can be constructed on almost any surface, with no need for any preliminary groundwork. Furthermore, as the roof is made from flexible PVC membrane, they can even be built on uneven or sloping surfaces. Find our more here.

How Does Ordering A Temporary Building Work?

Our highly experienced teams have been in the industry many years, they can design and install your temporary building solution onsite within 14 days from order, regardless of the size of your storage requirements. Our temporary buildings are available to hire from six months to five years. In addition, you can spread the costs in a way that suits you best with our totally adaptable contract duration.

We have made our leasing and buying options flexible to meet your individual needs, allowing you to spread your costs in a way that suits you best. Read more about our hire or buy options here.

Could a Warehouse Extension Solution Help?

If your business is growing, or a recent contract win is putting pressure on your existing warehouse facility, the answer could be our Warehouse Extension Solutions.

Lauralu UK has developed the ideal solution, its quick to install and does not cost the earth. The warehouse extension can be linked to your current warehouses. We can increase or decrease the ‘temporary addition’ as the business needs change. Our bespoke solutions create flexibility for your business and allow an immediate response to changes in the market.