Whether you’re responding to seasonal demand or fulfilling the hefty initial order of a new client, there are numerous reasons why your business might find itself suddenly lacking in operational capacity.

Pressure on logistics can result in a serious reduction in output and efficiency, whilst also having an impact on customer lead times. If you cannot satisfy your customers’ demands, your business’s reputation will suffer, along with your profits. At Lauralu, we offer an extensive range of temporary workshop buildings available for delivery across the UK and Ireland. So if you have a shortage of workshop building space, we can design, deliver, and assemble temporary structures in a matter of days.  You will quickly restore your workflow to its full potential.

Modular Construction Process

Our temporary workshops buildings can be single skin or fully insulated offering full protection from the elements. They are available in a range of sizes so we can adapt to suit a range of industrial applications. They are constructed with flame retardant PVC roofs, so the health and safety of your workforce is guaranteed.

We can also help if you need a more permanent solution. Our bespoke structures can be fitted with advanced security features and they can be built to considerably larger sizes. So if you need a more elaborate workshop solution for long term applications, we can design the perfect structure for you.

Lauralu offers the options of hiring a workshop structure on a temporary basis or invest in a more permanent solution. A range of flexible payment options are available to enable you to spread the cost in the way that suits you best.

For more information on our temporary workshop buildings, please get in touch

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